Ty Conklin: Has Stache, Sells Insurance, Helps Kids

Ty Conklin hasn’t played since the Bill Clinton era.  So what has he been up to these days?

Well first off, he’s been growing a glorious mustache and I believe he’s been moonlighting as the Progressive Guy:

Hit the jump for what he’s really been up to.

Well, he, along with a few other Red Wings visited the local children’s hospital.  One child, in particular, was really excited to see the unused back-up, which is honestly a little surprising:

Born with a physical deformity that caused severe bowing in both of her legs, the Eastpointe teenager [Green} was back at the hospital Monday for a scheduled appointment when she saw a large crowd gathering in the first floor lobby.

“I was coming out of the orthopedics office and just saw this giant crowd down here and I was like, ‘I’ve got to go see what it is,’ ” said Green, who hopes to finally have the massive titanium halos and screws removed from her right leg in a couple of weeks.  The lobby crowd that she saw were parents and young patients, doctors and hospital officials, who gathered near the Red Wings Play Zone to welcome their favorite hockey heroes.

“I am completely star-struck,” said Green as she posed for a photo with goalie Ty Conklin. “The Wings are my favorite team, but I never thought that I would be able to meet them, any of them, so to meet even a couple of them is so pretty great.”

Ah notice how she said any Red Wing?  I think Conklin counts in that catagory.  

“It does make you feel good that you have the ability to come in and do something for these kids,” Conklin said. “Their good days are tougher than our hardest days, so I think it helps. … I hope it helps.”

Good on him for finding the time in between filming commercials and sitting on the bench to help the kids.