Twig’s Thanksgiving Post

So much to be thankful for. I have a job, school is going wellish and I live hundreds upon hundreds of miles away from my in-laws. But let’s talk hockey. What am I thankful for as far as our Detroit Red Wings go?

Find out after the jump.

I spent the summer of 1996 in sadness. Sure I went fishing and hung out with my friends. Learned to drive a car, too. But the Red Wings lost. Again. And this time they were supposed to win. How could we lose? 62 wins? That’s crazy! But we didn’t even see the Stanley Cup Finals. I spent most nights looking at my Steve Yzerman poster on my wall and wondering if he would get to touch the cup. He sure did deserve it. Not like some guys who bounce from team to team until they find one who can drag them to victory. No, Stevie Y never got carried. But sure did a lot of carrying. Sometimes he did it with only one leg. So I’m thankful that on June 7, 1997, he won the cup.

I’m thankful that, 6 days later, Vladdy didn’t die. He sure could have. We bitch about how unlucky we are that he was hurt so bad, but in the end, he’s still alive to inspire us and that’s something to be very thankful for.


What else? I’m thankful for the Ilitch family. Cheap pizza and a dedication to winning. Not sure which I like most! No matter what happens from year to year, he’s the kind of owner that wants the cup. There are so many owners out there that just want to make money by selling tickets. They get a decent name or two, then finish 11th and jet away to their summer homes. Not Mike Ilitch.

I’m very thankful that Andrew and Chris gave me a shot here at NOHS. Writing is fun no matter what, but when you write something that causes discussion, it’s like getting paid. Which leads me to you guys:

Thank you, the reader, for coming back every day and making this worth the time. It does take some time to dig up stories, or take screen shots of plays and analyze them, but it’s so worth it.

So Happy Thanksgiving, friends. This is going to be a great year.