Twig On A Wing

Special Guest post by reader Twig.  Great read.  

I’d hate to get ahead of myself and jinx the Wings by talking about the end of the series before four games have been won, but I keep thinking about the similarities between the Jets of 1996 and the Coyotes of 2011. Thanks to Youtube, we all get to take a trip back in time to a frozen land called “Winnipeg” and see that no matter how much things change, they always seem to stay the same.

This video is from 1995 when the Jets thought they were moving, only to stick around one more year. Still, the interviews and comments have the same meaning. 0:53-1:03 “The continuing escalation of salary costs and the lack of a firm commitment to revenue sharing in the NHL does not allow NHL hockey to be viable in Winnipeg.” Now we have a salary cap and revenue sharing and Phoenix still fails. So should they go back to Winnipeg? Could it work up there now? I think so, but I’m not sure. Only thing I’m sure of is hockey doesn’t work in the desert. Hell, even Gary Bettman agrees with me. Skip to 3:06 to hear the Troll’s statement about why the Jets had to be moved. “We regret that the Jets appear to be leaving Winnipeg. The fans of the Winnipeg Jets have been loyal throughout the team’s 16 seasons in the NHL. We have exhausted every avenue in the hopes that the Jets could remain, but it appears no one in the private sector believes, after extensive analysis, that a team in Winnipeg is economically viable.”

No kidding, Gary? So… if no one in the private sector believes a team will work in a certain area, you need to move the team to place it will work? Huh… Funny you should mention that because there’s this one team in Arizona…

Anyways, it is what it is. They’ll move or they won’t. Nothing any of us can do about it. What we can do is take a look back at the last game ever played in Winnipeg. A 4-1 loss to our very own Detroit Red Wings. This clip is of the last goal scored by a Jet. I do believe the last goal scored was an empty netter by Keith Primeau (go figure, I remember that, but my mom’s birthday? No clue…), but this is the last by a Jet:

First thing I’d like to point out is the gear those guys are wearing. Raise your hand if you miss Christian hockey sticks? *raises both hands, then continues typing*And the original CCM helmet which I’ll wear until the day I can no longer skate. Anyways, check out how young the guys are. Lidstrom looks like a teenager. Little did I know how incredible he would become.

At 0:14, they show the rundown of the series. Remember game 1? We had just finished off a 62 win season, but were trailing 1-0 going into the 3rd. I had to go to bed because my mom made me (probably for forgetting her birthday), but I listened in on my secret radio as Ken Kal shrieked four times in rapid succession to remind me that the Wings were awesome.

But yeah, the goal is at 2:45 if you care to see it. I guess I wanted to bring this up because we could possibly see the turning of another page in NHL history tonight. You never know because the fourth game is the hardest to win, but it’s worth checking out.