Too Close for Missiles, I’m Switching to Guns – Wings v. Jets Recap

Welcome back the NHL Winnipeg!

Well that’s 59 minutes of pure Red Wings hockey for you.  Detroit wasn’t happy with their 5 goals last game and decided to get 7 tonight.  A game where the puck was going in for Detroit because of their hard work and the Jets completely apathetic attitude.   So here’s your recap for the Wings welcome back game to Winnipeg after sending them out of the league 15 years ago.  

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  • I’m starting to feel a little déjà vu.  Remember how it was back in 2008 when Franzen suddenly decided to become a star? I think that’s what we’re seeing with Filppula.  He’s been force this past month.  These are the reasons that our motto here and every is: In Kenny We Trust.  
  • Speaking of Fil, you all remember that pass from Datysuk to make it happen?  Yeah, that’s one step closer to league MVP with that.  
  • I feel bad for Pavalec, poor guy was left out on the clothesline on 6 of those 7 goals.
  • Is Zetterberg getting his mojo back?  Sure looks like it.  Not only did he score a goal on a shot he probably shouldn’t, the pass back between him and Hudler just reeked of confidence.
  • More good news!  Hudler seems to have found his shot again.  Snipe-snipe on his first.  That’s been missing since 2009. 

These three were made for each other.

  • ‘Tuzzi’s getting his groove on.  Watch out world.   
  • My dog just farted and it smells like a dead body.  Why the hell do dog farts smell so much worse than human ones?  
  • Anyone else want to strangle ol’ Mickey when he said “These types of games are when people get hurt?”  Come on Mick, you don’t say that.  Just like you don’t say shutout during a shutout, god, never say anything about injuries, ever.  That’s usually Murph’s job.
  • Can Holmstrom say a complete sentence or anything longer than two words in a row?  I’d like to think not. 
  • Easy night for Jimmy, too bad we couldn’t get Conk in there for a game like this, but then again, this could have changed the whole complexion of the thing.  Still, great to see him play solid, even when he didn’t have to. 
  • There’s something eerily creepy about that new Hyundai Christmas commerical.  I don’t know what it is, but it makes me want to punch my TV.  I can’t figure it out; it’s like they combined hipsters and pure evil and out popped this little anti-christ of a commerical.   
  • I both loved listening to, and understand why some people hate, the FSD boys tonight.  In a game like this one, the team devolves from a tight play by play style into the conversation you’d have with your Dad watching the game after a few beers.  Knowing them like we do, I love it, but to an outsider listening in, I can see how they’d hate what he was hearing.
  • I’ve got a post coming up dealing with the Wings “streakiness,” but I like this streak: 9 home wins in a row.  Boom, best home record in the league. 
  • Domination.  Just incredible.  Everyone but Holmstrom, Ericsson, Abdelkader and Kindl scored a point tonight.  Abby’s gotta get on the board someday, but that’s another story.   For today it was just enough to sit back, relax and enjoy. 

The NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game – The completely worthless 7th goal by Hudler.  Just the ease of how it was intercepted and scored made me smile.  The Jets made my Wednesday night men’s league teammates seem like NHL All-Stars by comparison.

Next Game: Detroit will have to keep the afterburners on as they face the Penguins in Pittsburgh in a Cup Finals preview on Tuesday.  LGRW.