There Are Words…

Chris note: This is a guest post from frequent reader Twig.  It’s great stuff and gave me a needed boost.  

Last night, I got a text from a friend shortly after the Wings OT loss:

“There are no words…”

He was right. At least, at the time I thought he was right. The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize that there are words to describe not only how we, the greatest fan base in the Milky Way felt last night, but how we feel going forward.

Despair: To be overcome by a sense of futility or defeat.

It seemed that no matter how well the Wings played, the Sharks would get the bounce they needed. No matter how much sustained pressure we would generate, at some point, the puck would hop over someone’s stick or deflect into the stands. Hell, even Lidstrom’s goal bounced out so fast no one thought it was in.

Despair was felt when Rafalski took a one-timer from the circle and saw the puck skyrocket into the mesh because of a strange bounce. Despair was also felt when the same play happened for San Jose, but the puck slowly but surely trickled past a forest of skates and sticks before tapping the post and resting in the back of the net.


That was last night. This morning, it was disbelief: Refusal or reluctance to believe.

How could it be? How could Detroit play poorly for two games on the road and almost come away up 2-0, only to play a great game at home and have the same result? It defies all logic. Well friends, that’s hockey. That’s what separates us from basketball, football and baseball. In those sports, stacked rosters will eventually rise above effort in most situations. In hockey, you can have a talented team, work hard and lose time and again. So it’s time to throw in the towel. Look ahead to the draft. We can’t beat the Sharks. They’re too good, too lucky, too confident…

Defiance: Intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude; readiness to contend or resist.

This is our Meatloaf vs Gary Busey moment. We’re Detroit Red Wings fans. We love this team so much, some of us act like we’re on the roster. Look at the post about our superstitions. For the love of God, we put ourselves through some crazy crap in order to pull out a win for the guys. We’ve been at this for years now. We’ve seen the wings storm back from being down 0-2 and win 4 straight. Why not down 0-3? Tell me. Tell me that lucky bounces are part of San Jose’s game plan. Tell me that Seda-what’s-his-name practices whiffing on the puck for an hour after every practice. Their luck will run out eventually. We (yes, we), have to keep ourselves in a position to capitalize when that happens. We need to stick around long enough to benefit from San Jose’s sudden string of bad luck. Not Vancouver or Bubba. Us.

If the Sharks can win because of bounces, so can we.

If the Wings can come back from 0-2, they can come back from 0-3.

If Steve Yzerman can win the Stanley Cup with one leg, Lidstrom can do it with two.

If Konstantinov can walk to his seat at the Joe, anything is possible.

Defiance. Friday it begins.