The ‘Tuzzi is a Little ‘Woozy

When Bertuzzi missed one game with the “flu” I believed it.  But when it was two in a row, I started to get suspicious.  Turns out I might have been right:

Bertuzzi hasn’t been the same since being hit in the face by Devin Setoguchi’s stick in the Oct. 29 game at Minnesota. He played the next two games, but it kept getting worse, so he has sat out the past two.

“Dizzy and lightheaded, just got a little swelling in my ears, got to get my balance back,” Bertuzzi said. “I just didn’t feel myself. I got a sinus infection, got my ears checked, got a little swelling in there.”

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So if he’s got a sinus infection, then why did they mention that he wasn’t feeling that well after getting hit with a stick? To me that sounds like they are trying to imply he had a concussion?  Strange.

Anyways, he’ll miss the next two games as he tries to get over this dizzy spell.   And for those two games, we’ll have a few less times on the PK.  Plus we’ll get another dose of Brunnstrom unless Eaves is magically feeling better.