The Issue That We All Are Facing

Detroit’s lost six in a row.  Since this blog’s start in 2009, that hasn’t happened.  They have a losing record when you translate Gary’s math into real life, at 5-5-1.  As both a Wings fan and a blogger, I’m at a loss at what to do.  The Chief over at A2Y explains this very real problem in the way only he can: he’s asked for assistance from Avalanche and Blues bloggers on how to deal with having a sh!tty team.  Click the jump for some understanding.  

They’re playing very bad hockey.  So…am I supposed to cave and start looking at next year’s draft?  Do we create some gimmick to take our minds off the current state of ___________ hockey?  Maybe we start counting down jersey numbers in the middle of November, or coming up with a fu** St. Louis campaign that we can use as the autosignatures on the emails we send to our kids’ elementary school teachers telling them our third graders can’t come to school on Tuesday because they’re voting for the first time that morning?

It’s been a very simple pleasure to write flowing, expertly-crafted prose about the best franchise in sport. So easy.  So carefree, like a little rowboat on a lake with a puppy on the bow with laughing children on the shore tossing those army men with folded parachutes in the air, watching them float gently to the ground while our parents shotgunned Hamms and giggled.

But it’s not like that anymore.  The joy has been replaced by a kind of sadness only you can really relate to.  And I need some help.  Just point me in the right direction and I’ll take it from there.  I’m that good.  I don’t need much. Just a solid, a little one.

Lines like these make you realize why you read blogs like A2Y, The Production Line, Winging It, and all the other great ones that are too numerous to mention, rather than the dribble from the mouths of the Wings beat writers.    Pure perfection. 

Anyways, as Robocop over at WIIM put it this morning, I’m still in the camp that Detroit is just in a slump and will be as strong as ever when they pull out of it.  But when I look around, I realize that it’s starting become lonely over here. 

I’m not sure how long this has to go on before I change my tune, but I’m not there yet.  Are you?

Last time Detroit lost six in a row was 1998. Just sayin.