The Central is Good, Real Good

This week of games against the Central is big.  Not only because divisional games are inherently important; of course they are.  But because the Central is dominating the NHL right now.

Click to see by just how much and what that means.


Other than the dead body that is Columbus, every other Central team right now is in the playoffs.  That’s even more impressive when you look at the game played numbers and see that teams outside the central generally have played more games as well.

In the West, the Central is #1, #3, and #4 in points earned per game.  Only Vancouver is up around this area as well.

What does this mean?  Well what it likely means is that #1 in the division means more this season than others.  If things ended the way they are today, Detroit would be playing St. Louis in the first round.  Not terrible, but not easy either (at least until Elliot comes back to Earth). Yet if they win tonight, Detroit takes #1 in points per game percentage and would be facing Nashville or Dallas, a huge difference.

Detroit’s a bit beat up going into tonight’s game.  But I hope they realize just how important these games are.  Both because of the points issue, and because I want nothing more than to see Chicago lose, and lose big.