The Most Underrated 7 Time Norris Trophy Winner

The Norris Trophy is given to the best defenseman in the league.  So you think winning that trophy would win you the #1 spot in a ranking of top defensemen in the league right? 

Well not according to Puck Daddy, who’s ranked Lidstrom the 4th best defenseman in the league.

4. Nicklas Lidstrom, Detroit Red Wings: At 41, he’s still the gold standard for defensmen. Needs one more Norris Trophy to tie the immortal Bobby Orr with eight.

Ahead of him?

3. Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks: Great wheels, great vision, great passer, and loves to play it physical despite usually giving up a few pounds.

2. Shea Weber, Nashville Predators: He’s like a mini-Chara. Except he skates better and he’s not mini.

1. Zdeno Chara, Boston Bruins: Literally looms larger than anyone else in the league, and is the most intimidating presence in the game today — just ask any opposing forward.

Now here’s the question, for one season, would you have traded any of the above for Lidstrom?  I certainly wouldn’t for Keith or Weber.  Chara would be a harder decision, but for a single season, I’d take Lidstrom over Chara, who I believe is just a tad overrated. 

Even though he’s the MVP of the league for the past 15 or so years, he’s still never won the Hart.  Now, he’s winning the Norris and not even being considered the best defenseman in the league.  Complete BS if you ask me.