Laughing at Others: Avalanche Edition

The Colorado Avalanche.  At one time till about 2001, they were our feared, bitter enemy on the ice.  But even then, they were still a little pathetic.  From Lemieux’s turtle, to Foppa’s falls, and finally a failed showboating statute of liberty, the Avs failures often brought a smile to my face and a hop in my step. 

Everyone in this picture will be in the HOF someday, but only one will have a domestic violence conviction accompanying him.

But since then, it’s been too easy to make fun of Colorado.  And today, we can add a little to that legacy.   More after the jump.

Here’s the end of an official Colorado Avalanche commerical, with the following message (credit to DetCapC19 for finding this): 

Incredible.  Simply incredible.  This saves me time.  The jokes just write themselves. 

While we’re at it, let’s remember some of the other great Avalanche moments which the Wings can laugh at.  With the retirement of Ray Bourque’s number after he played 1.17 seasons in a Avs jersey, it’s been downhill since then for Avs fans.  (Hey Mike Modano, you chose the wrong team.  If you went to Denver, your jersey would have been hung up in two cities.  Oops.) 

First that embarrassment.  Then came the great Darren Garcia.  The Chief at A2Y gave it the treatment it deserves. 

Gather the kids.  Warm the milk.  Find that John Denver cd you keep handy for special occasions and pop it in.  Because we have, that’s right, fun for the whole family.

It seems that I was born to write these two sentences:  a cross-dressing male prostitute was arrested yesterday in Denver.  According to various reports uncovered by Deadspin, Police described Darren Garcia as being 27, having long hair, significant amounts of makeup and wearing…

…a Colorado Avalanche jersey.  Thank you god.

Glorious and perfect.  Then the 2 game Forsberg “comeback” which got all 7 remaining Avs fans in such a tizzy.  And now this.

 Just promise me this, don’t ever stop what you’re doing Colorado.  It’s too great for the rest of us.