Take THAT, Stevie Y

Just kidding, Steve…or maybe not!  No, I’m not serious….or am I?!?  No.

Wings 6, Lightning 2

Thanks to Puck Daddy for providing that pic of a Tampa ice crew member twirling the calamari to the delight of a ridiculous amount of Red Wings fans at last night’s game.

Some thoughts…

  • 40 shots fired by Tampa, 38 saves by Jimmy…solid.
  • You liking that Datsyuk-Cleary-Hudler line?  They might stay together long enough for a nickname.
  • Goofy bounces last night, but they evened out in the end.
  • Stuart looked damn good in his first game back…the trimmer D-man didn’t lose a step.

The way that Tampa looked last night, they were intimidated coming into this game – and they should have been.  Detroit is building momentum while Vancouver is losing it.  And, we’re not even at full strength just yet – so look out, NHL.  Detroit has smacked around 2 of the top teams in the East in the past week.  Let’s hope they can ride that momentum into tonight’s game against the Panthers.

Solid, solid game.