Stuey on the Mend

Brad Stuart took to the ice yesterday wearing a protective shield.  The movement in his mouth is restricted by elastic and the fact that his mouth has been wired shut.  He’s been eating nothing but protein shakes for three weeks after the surgery on his fractured jaw which required two plates to be inserted…and Mike Milbury loves it:

What a moron.  I understand that he likes to be controversial for controversy’s sake – but never forget that the man was the worst General Manager in NHL history and he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about…ever.

“Sometimes I just get bored of having to eat so slow and I just give up, so I don’t eat as much as I normally would because it takes so long.  I can’t chew, but I can eat soft pastas, soft fish, soup, that kind of fun stuff. Anything I tried to put in a blender was pretty much disgusting, so I tried to stay away from that.” –Brad Stuart

That quote from Khan(!) earlier today.

Coach Mike Babcock is impressed…with Stuart’s weight:

“He hasn’t lost as much weight as I expected, which is really positive.  Just being around the guys, he’ll be up to speed in no time.” –Mike Babcock

Stuey is at least two to three weeks away from playing again, but he will be another vital piece returning to the lineup.  Detroit, despite all of their injuries, has managed to maintain their division lead and the #2 spot in the conference.

With the push to the play-offs starting tomorrow, it’s time to put our foot on the gas.