Still Can’t Get Enough Toddzilla?

Good.  Me either.

This guy is awesome. I don’t where the devil his scoring touch is coming from at this age, at this stage in his career, but he’s really working hard and potting some key goals for us, even ones that don’t get shown on the scoresheet. 

Today was Todd Bertuzzi’s 1000th career game and he sealed it for us with the second goal of the shootout (after a Datsyukian deke to start it out). As usual, Jimmy was stellar in the shootout. I don’t know his shootout record this year but I think it’s 3-1 and I think he’s faced about 20 shooters and only allowed 1 all season to get by him in the gimmick.

And why the eff was Minnesota booing every time Bert touched the puck? Ridiculous.