Standings Watch Part Two

So heading into tonight’s short-handed action against the dirtiest team in the league, (what is it about teams with wimpy bird mascots?) here is the Western Conference Standings as of this morning…

We could use this win tonight to keep four points between us and the Sharks.  The log-jam in the West has become even tighter with just about every team that needed to win did so last night.  One point separates fifth place Chicago from ninth place Dallas…crazy.

If the play-offs started tonight…the pesky Predators would be our first round opponent – convenient for travel, but they’re playing some good hockey right now and scare me a little more than a Dallas or Phoenix or Los Angeles.  Plenty of time for things to get re-arrainged.  But let’s keep on eye on what transpires as it does.

At least we don’t have to worry about this cement head tonight…

If Heatley got suspended for his hit, cheap shot king #1 should get at least eight games for this.

How do you feel about that whiney ass letter that you wrote NOW, Mario?  I wonder if James Dolan (chairman of Madison Square Gardens, Inc.) is going to write one of his own…wondering if he wants to still be apart of this league.

Cooke is a joke.