Sometimes the Worst Thing You Can do is Catch a Fish

The Red Wings didn’t play their best game and the score reflects that. I missed the game, but did manage to catch up later on, so I’m up to date now. Ouch. After a game like this, part of me is glad it ended up being a blow out. If the game had been close, or the Wings had managed a point, they might have been okay with their performance and the bleeding would have continued.


If you just happen to catch a fish in an area that doesn’t have many, you might stay there too long and waste part of your day. If you catch nothing, you’ll move sooner and find success faster. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is catch a fish. I got that little bit of wisdom from my best friend and fishing buddy, who got it from his dad, who probably got it from his dad and so on. It’s simple, yet brilliant and now it’s yours. Remember that the next time nothing goes right for the Wings.

I know this isn’t a very informative post and it may not have been what we all wanted to hear, but it was time for something new to get put up. Tuesday can’t come soon enough. LGRW!