Someone’s Hurt…But Who?

As our dear friend, Jordan reported earlier…little Tim Chris Conner is out on 7 day Injured Reserve with a broken hand.  That is now academic – as some might say.

But according to a certain Detroit news source…there’s a little more to this story.  That’s right fokls, even though all the forwards who started that glorious game against Pittsburgh ended up finishing it – it would appear that someone else is a little banged up.

That’s why Tomas Tatar has been called up.

It isn’t because Kenny “Tick Tock” Holland doesn’t believe that Cory Emmerton can get the job done (though that is a matter which could be debated).  It’s because someone else may not be good to go tonight against the Nashville Underwoods.

Make the jump to see who it ISN’T. (and a little personal commentary on current events)

It is NOT Pavel Datsyuk – that is the only detail about this mysterious injury to the mystey player that Tick Tock would divulge (oh…the mysteriousness!)

This is what our illustrious General Manager had to say to the Detroit Free Press:

“We’ve put Conner on seven-day injury reserve.  He went to see a hand specialist yesterday, and he’s out two weeks with a little fracture. He’s going to stay with us and skate to keep up his conditioning.  We’ve brought Tatar in as an emergency precaution. If the player who is banged up can play, we’ll send Tatar back down.” –Ken Holland

We might be pushing game time to see what the actual lineup is going to be…so stay tuned.

On a personal note…I’m going to have to brush the cobwebs off my Rip Hamilton jersey when I pull it out so I CAN BURN IT!  I remember watching old footage of Rip and Chauncey talking about how they both wanted to retire as Pistons.  Just goes to show to you, doesn’t it?  Not that I really care about basketball…I always tell people that I am a Red Wings fan first, and a Detroit Sports fan second.

Think I’m bluffing about burning parafenelia?  Let me take you wayyyyyy back to July 15th of 2009, where I posted this


Add Richard Hamilton to the long list of shameful players jumping ship from Detroit to Chicago…

  • Robert Lang
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Kevin Jones

…to name a few.  And yes, I purposefully left Bob Probert’s name off of that list…he gets a pass.