Some NOHS Housekeeping

Just a couple housekeeping notes on this sorta dark, boring Wednesday.  

Not my house. I’d never watch a Leafs/Sens game during the daytime.

Click the jump for notes on Facebook, our Android App, and an announcement/general request.

First things first, out of curiousity, how do you all get notified of new posts?  Do you just randomly check the website, use the Android App, Facebook, or something else?  For those that didn’t know, we have a Facebook page that you can like (and we hope you do) and have a link to our stories on your Facebook newsfeed.   I use that for other blogs, Winging It In Motown and the Production Line,  and love it.    We have almost 1k daily readers, yet only 461 Facebook likes.  Come on people!

Click the button to go to our FB page and like it, for Hudler’s sake!

On that note, do you wish that we were using some other sort of system for notification (Google+, Twitter etc.)?  We are open to ideas. 

Secondly, regarding that Android App, we were just notified that is was down for a few weeks because of copyright issues.  It’ll be back in a few days.  For you iPhone people, Apple wouldn’t approve our app, so direct your anger that way.  Thanks Steve Jobs.

Next, I love cool, retro t-shirts.  Living in Ohio, I especally love ones dealing with Michigan.   Screw Ohio.  Well, ever heard of Mitten State?  It’s a Michigan (Grand Rapids) based apparel company that does almost exclusively Michigan retro style shirts and we’ve decided to partner with them. 


Great people, free shipping and great shirts.  Check ’em out and, if you do like something, make sure you click to the page through the link above and soon to be on our page.   We spend a rediclous amount of time on this site and any little help is great and might give us some ability to add more as it goes along.   (The rest of the advertising on this site goes to our Bloguin overloads.)

Announcement:  We have a very cool announcement coming up soon regarding NOHS.  Something that I think will improve this site even more.  Stay tuned…

Finally, thank you to all the readers of our site.  We may not get paid, but your comments and thoughts are all we need to keep this site going.  I rely on you guys a lot of times for story ideas (and always feel free to send emails).  It’s a lot of fun because of all of you.  So please, keep your comments and ideas coming.  If you do, we’ll keep the posts coming as well.