Slow Starts Are KILLING Us

The past three games the Wings have found themselves behind 0-2 almost immediately.  Two of those games were against lowly Columbus, so even with the Frankenstein team that we have today, we were able to get a few points out of it. 

Not so against a decent Pittsburgh team.  The Wings pushed back as usual, but MAF played very well and keep the Wings to one goal. 

Slow starts have killed the Wings lately.  Not only have the started the game giving up two quick ones lately, they’ve given up the first goal the past SIX games.   That’s unpossible. 

From here on out, the Wings need to start on time.   While I don’t believe that age hurts this team in any way, it can’t be good for these guys having to fight back from 1-0 and 2-0 scores over and over again.  

So Thursday, the goal should be simple:  get the first goal and keep the pressure on.  From that, the W’s will follow.