See that Commie Dressed in Red? Me Neither…

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to give Commodore another chance. Not that I ever wanted to see him on the bench to begin with. It’s just his turn.

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Commodore said all the right things from the moment his phone rang July 1.

“My heart rate went from resting to 180. It was like, ‘Wow!’ I wasn’t prepared for that. I sat in my truck, put it in park and thought about it for two minutes. It’s a no-brainer. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to play for this organization.”

He also had his run-ins with Babcock to consider, which probably took up 1:58 of those 2 minutes. In case you need a reminder, Commodore had previously said that Babcock had been an obstacle in his career, so he called him to make sure there were no hard feelings.

“I was assured by Mike (Babcock) that it wasn’t a big deal. For me, it’s water under the bridge. I just wanted to make sure I’d get a fair shot…”

Has he?

Heading into the preseason, it seemed like he was ready to go. He wasn’t exactly a superstar, but he didn’t cost the team any games. Then his injury happened. In a way this was good, because it gave Kindl way more ice time and we all got to see how good he’s gotten. Unfortunately, when Commodore did come back, he came back in place of the wrong guy.

I get the feeling that Commodore has to play perfect hockey in order to justify playing. The last time I saw him play, he put the puck over the glass against the Flames while we were trailing by a goal late in the game. He slumped his shoulders and skated to the box like a condemned man. I think part of that reaction was him knowing their chances to win just dropped like a rock, but also because he knew that mistake would cost him a spot in the lineup. Did that one play cost the Red Wings the game? Well, it didn’t help their chances to tie the game, but the loss wasn’t on him. The same cannot always be said for Ericsson.

Having better players sitting out has been something of an issue for me over the years. Was Meech good? No, not exactly. Was he better than Lebda? Oh yes. Is Hudler a good goal scorer? When he’s shooting, yes he is. Was he shooting during the playoffs last year? Nope. Was Modano? Yup.

For whatever reason, the Red Wings have not yet dressed their best possible lineup and it’s about time they do. Ericsson has earned some time off. Give Commodore a chance.