Sedin Twins or Euro Twins?

So my buddy and I are kind of nerds.  We both like playing GM Mode on NHL ’11 and sharing the interesting moves that we can pull of through trades.  This morning I received a text message as I was sitting on the john that read as such (paraphrased)…

Just did a trade…Sedin twins and 2nd round pick for Hank and Dangles…thoughts?

My immediate reaction was of course to ask which team he was playing with.  He was Vancouver…meaning he traded away the Sedin Twins to get the Euro Twins.  It’s an intriguing (make believe) move that I thought  might be worth discussing.

Obviously, Kenny would never make this move in real life – Pavel Datsyuk is the most complete player in the world and Zata is the next captain of this franchise.  But check out the stats…


Sedin Twins this season…

92 GP – 36G 79A 115 Pts


Euro Twins this season…

79 GP – 28G 62A 90 Pts

With the Sedin’s recording 1.25 points per game and the Euro Twins coming in at 1.14 points per game – it would appear that the Sedin’s might seem like a better choice.  But are they?  Do you think there’s Vancouver fans out there that wouldn’t do this deal?  Or do you think that any GM in the world (Mike Millbury not included) would dish out the Sedins to get Snipe and Dangles?

Like I said…I thought it might be worth discussing.  And just remember – for argument’s sake – that Daniel Sedin missed 19 games last year as brother Henrik went on to win the Hart Trophy as league MVP with 112 points.  So the “one can’t succeed without the other” argument may not apply to the degree that you might think.