Say It Ain’t So…Rafalski Not the Only One?

Ok, so this is a 100% unsubstantiated rumor from someone that I have no idea of the credibility of.  However, I figured I’d pass this rumor along anyways.  As first noticed by reader mendiola_tj, @hockeybreak is reporting that our Homer might be calling it a career too…  


First instinct is no way this is true, but thinking about it, it is possible.  He takes a beating on a daily basis and you know he’s gotta have some ridiculous nagging injuries from the years.  

Rafalski’s leaving is going to hurt this team, I don’t have any question.  However this would hurt even more.  The Wings really only have one or two power forwards on the team and Homer certainly is the heart of those.  

Now again, I don’t have any reason to think this is true other than this person seems to be more reasonable than Eklund, but figured I’d pass it along.