Saturdays with Sully – Beating the B’s

Note:  Kid in background is actually upset because Bert just knocked his ice cream cone right out of his hands


Well that was a fun Friday night, wasn’t it? Back to Red Wings Hockey, some how and some way, plus old time hockey on the Island in a Pens/Isles game that broke NYI records for PIM. Most importantly though, the Wings won. And did it in stunning fashion. As Jack Edwards said after the sixth goal (and I’m sorry if you had to watch the NESN feed), “this is the first time Boston has been down by five goals all season.” Very impressive, especially considering the B’s defense. The possibilities are endless for this team when we give up 26 shots per game against top calibre opponents.

My favourite part of this game was that it ended a week of rage and fury, fuss and fret for my team. I know that we were still in 2nd in the Western Conference, first in our Division, but because we’re Wings fans and we expect so much, I was just furious at the way they’d been playing of late. 4 GF in 3 games is terrible, especially when you’ve allowed 12. And even though the critics were hard on Jimmy and trying to manufacture adversity for him, he’s been great and I don’t think any of the losses were due to bad goal tending.

The Boston Bruins are a team I much dislike, so this weekend is big for me. Anybody out west with an ounce of Irish blood automatically assumes they have some special connexion with Boston. Maybe it’s the basketball team’s name. Maybe it’s the catchy beats of House of Pain. Or maybe, it’s their secret lust for Mark Whalberg. Whatever the case, I don’t meet too many of them that I’d be willing to call friend out here. Unlike Detroit, which has an army of transplants in Arizona I’m glad I can call friends, Boston transplants are more of a drunken bar-fight waiting to happen. Characterized by a condition my friend in college used to refer to as: White-rage.

Also, those accents. I can be a very judgmental person but when someone doesn’t have a very firm grasp on how the English language is setup, where F-bombs are used in place of any and all punctuation as well as adjectives, I can’t even begin to think of taking them seriously. Jack Edwards’ colleague on NESN, who is actually some mythical little leprachaun who vanishes after each telecast to go guard some pot of gold or another, is a prime example. “Blyke We-luh” is not the same thing as “Blake Wheeler.” And while I’m mentioning Jack Edwards, he is one of the craziest people ever to hold the job where talking into a microphone was the entire scope of work.

I mean, this guy?

So yeah, it’s a big deal to me to beat this team, and beat them badly. But his win also set me up to have a great weekend, one in which I’ve been doing some tracking of the generosity of Wings fans over at The Production Line. Great people who give, and great results are coming out of this venture. I know I should have advertised TPL’s drive a lot better in the weeks leading up, but I’d just like to say now that it’s a truly wonderful event worth lending your support.

Whilst on that subject, I’ve been doing some planning for H2H2. Hopefully all of our readers can make it, but it’s an event that means a lot to the bloggers and readers following the Red Wings; a celebration of sorts for our team and our common ground as passionate fans. I’ve been building up the excitement since Jen sent us ticket information, and all of this came to an emotional, semi-vulgar climax during the Super Bowl, when Chrysler finally took the big step on behalf of the Big 3 and made a commercial celebrating the City, not so much the car, or the company, but the people and their story.

I’m not much of a city man myself, it’s tough to be compatible with the city-lifestyle when you’re surviving out in mining towns, but for some reason I’ve always felt Detroit welcomes me in my visits and my way of life. It’s the only city I feel really comfortable for more than a few days without the social anxieties of overcrowded, pushy people all in a hurry and a general outta my way, a**hole type of mindset. It’s a truly respectable city and I’m proud to be so well received when I’m there, and of course, happy to call it my home away from Arizona.

Very much so I am itching to get back out there into the cold, at least I think that’s what that itching is caused by. But given the timing and location, it may be worth seeing a physician. Anyway, I hope to see all or most at H2H2 and if you can’t make it, you can still have a tremendous impact via TPL’s pledge drive. Winner’s get a night with this guy: