Rumors Squashed

datsyukandfranzenDon’t beleive that crap you may have been hearing from CBC or The Sporting News…our big players are playing tonight.  They’re trying to distract you or make you feel uneasy (moreso) about Detroit entering its second straight elimination game by saying Datsyuk and Franzen might not play.

Don’t believe them.

But in case you need that reassurance, let’s see what Kenny “Tick Tock” Holland had to say Khan(!):

“I just talked to (coach) Mike Babcock.  We expect them both to play.”Mike Babcock Ken Holland

Miller and Modano are on standby but c’mon…really?  Just because Franzen and Datsyuk took the day off tomorrow, we really need to start stirring the pot?  Franzen came back with that same ankle AND a busted ass face in Round One.  And Datsyuk would play on one leg if had to.

Nice try, Canadian media…but the Wings are going to fly tonight.

Bring it.