Red Wings vs Wild Preview

One of the best ways to stop a losing streak is to play a team you’ve had great success against. For Detroit, that team would be the Minnesota Wild. Detroit has beaten the Wild 28 times in 41 meetings with only 6 regulation losses. That’s domination. But the past is in the past and only today matters.

Tonight’s lineup:

Zetterberg – Datsyuk – Cleary
Filppula – Franzen – Hudler
Abdelkader – Helm – Saddam
Holmstron – Not Brunnstrom – Miller

Lidstrom – White
Kronwall – Stuart
Ericsson – Kindl

Howard (starting)

I’m really hoping we get a good game out of Bert tonight. It just seems to me that the Red Wings win easily when Bert plays well, but they struggle when he plays poorly. If he gets a point tonight, it should turn into 2 points for the team.

The Wild will start Josh Harding in goal. Harding played very well against Detroit in his first game in hamster’s age. Detroit will need to win battles along the boards and get to the front of the net if they’re going to win this game.

Also, as you can see, Not Brunnstrom Emmerton is back in the lineup. Chris talked about Emmerton’s apparent stranglehold on a roster spot a few days ago. Seems to me that Eaves is one of our better depth players and Emmerton is just there. I can see this becoming a topic for the rest of the year.


Red Wings win this 3-2.