Red Wings vs Predators Recap: December 26

 Slow start, but strong finish. Can’t make a habit of that, but we’ll take the 2 points.

Full recap after the jump:  

Ericsson and Commie did a fine job as the third pairing. Maybe Ericsson just plays better next to a veteran? Nope. Rafalski played with him for a year and it was sadness. Just a good game, but he can build on it. Hopefully he will.

Filppula was everywhere he needed to be. The puck was finding him, but it was more than that. He’s being rewarded for his hard work. Our best forward?


Not yet.

If I was Nashville, I’d be pissed about Pavel’s goal. Not because it wasn’t in. I think it had to be in. Based on the last replay, that’s where the puck had to be. But that’s not what the rule sates. Ref or Toronto has to see it cross the line and I don’t know that they did. Ref by the net called no goal. Toronto shrugged. But the ref or linesman from center ice said it was in. Where have we seen that before? We’ll take it, but the explanation from the NHL will be interesting. Assuming Nashville asks for one.

That goal led to Cleary’s goal and the game changed in our favor. Up until that point, the game was kind of boring and I think favored a team like Nashville.

NOHS 3 Stars:

First Star: Filppula, of course. 2 goals and all around great play.

Second Star: Howard. Almost got the shutout, but more importantly, made big saves early and late to deny Nashville a glimmer of hope.

Third Star: Datsyuk. Celebrating the goal even as the ref pointed to the near faceoff circle. Defiance.

Speaking of Datsyuk, or Not Datsyuk, best tweet I saw all night (And there were some good one) was this gem: “What I like about play in Nashville? Fans blow whistles to let you know you have easy shift coming.” NotPavelDatsyuk, ladies and gentlemen. Follow him for more awesomeness.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Night: Mick made a few references to the refs being “out to get the big bad Red Wings.” Hard to argue that point after Pavel’s goal, but that’s just another reason we love our FSD crew. They’re fans, too.

That’s all I got. Anyone else see something special tonight?

Next game is Tuesday against the Blues. They’re playing well to say the least. Puck drops at 7:30 EST.


Update: According to Khan on Twitter, Homer has a groin injury. He’ll be out tonight, for sure.

Update 2: According to multiple sources on Twitter, Joakim Andersson will be making his NHL debut tonight in place of the injured Holmstrom, for sure.