Red Wings vs Penguins Recap

Outstanding game that could have gone either way. Lucky for us, it went the right way. Our superstar was better than theirs. Our goalie was better than theirs.

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Howard was strong early when we needed him to be. Especially when Pittsburgh was shooting the lights out in the second period. It took a perfect shot from one of the best forwards in hockey to beat him.

I laughed when poor Mick was saying that the refs would make up for all the calls against Pittsburgh they were missing. We knew they wouldn’t and I think the team did, too, so they didn’t sit back waiting for help. The call that led to Franzen’s goal was bad, but so were 3 of the 4 called against us, so I don’t feel bad.

Hudler committed a penalty late in a game against Pittsburgh. Some things never change.

I love beating this team. To me, they’re something of a measuring stick for the Wings. Staal was banged up. Letang was out. Crosby was out. So do we really match up against them? With late season additions that we can afford, yes.

Our special teams were better than theirs. Lots of chances on both of our PP opportunities and our PK was good enough to keep Malkin in check.

Datsyuk’s goal was so smooth. The way he readjusted after the pass was tipped, waited for Orpik to go down, then buried it was a thing of beauty.

Speaking of Pavel: I was wearing my new Datsyuk jersey today. Not that my putting on a particular top changed the course of history, but a guy can dream. Also, scary moment when he did the splits early in the second. I went through 5 ice packs just from watching it. Ouch.

The NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: I have to go with the missed too-many-men penalty. Mick was in total disbelief that such an obvious call was missed. At that very moment, my twitter feed erupted in hilarity. Surprisingly, like a snowflake, no two Penguins-too-many-men-jokes are exactly the same. Good job to all who participated.

All in all, the Penguins played well. No one really screwed up for either team, so to win like that was huge.

Did I miss anything?

Next game is Thursday against Nashville. 8:00 EST puck drop.