Red Wings vs Oilers Recap

Good road win, for sure. It wasn’t pretty, but 2 points are 2 points.

Full recap after the jump:

Just to get it out of the way, the second goal was offsides. Looked close live, but replay showed it was quite offsides. Thankfully it didn’t cost the Wings anything other than a slight chink in Howard’s GAA. The reason I brought it up though was because the same thing happened in the Kings/Leafs game earlier with the Kings benefiting from a clear offsides. That game went to OT and the Leafs lost. When it rains, it pours.


Third and Fourth lines were really good again. I doubt their dominance will last forever, but if it comes back around May and June, it will be a happy summer for us all.

The Oilers are a fast team, to say the least. If that game had gone to overtime, they would have had the advantage. Unless Pavel was on the ice.

Hall, Nuge and Eberle are extremely dangerous. I didn’t realize how good they were until now. Only playing them twice next year will be good.

On the gamer, Helm had the puck in the corner and I thought he was going to dump it along the boards towards the right point. Sometimes that line does that and there’s either no one there, or a defender they didn’t see will take it away. But he held the puck a second longer, looked at his options, then found Lidstrom. I’ve always believed that Helm is at his best offensively when he just reacts to a play, but here he showed that he can take his time in the offensive zone and make a play. Good news for us. Bad news for people we don’t care about.

I dislike Ben Eager. You should, too.

Huge kill on that 5 on 3. A good minute and Edmonton never even came close.

Overall, it was a good game. The Wings seemed slow early on, but picked up the play as the game went on. It wasn’t the dominant performance we’ve seen the last few games, but they found a way to win. Going forward, being able to win like this is important. There are way more 3-2 games in the playoffs than there are 8-2 games.

NOHS favorite moment of the game: I didn’t see the 23 on his sweater, but I think it was Brad Watson signalling “no goal” when Edmonton’s shot went off the post. I’d know that waive-off anywhere. I had to laugh because when I saw him rush to the back of the net and waive like a lunatic, I start cussing at the TV even though it benefited us. You’ve scarred us, Mr. Watson.

Next game is….. Wednesday at Vancouver, so a late start for our eastern time zone friends; which is 95% of you.

10:00 EST puck drop.