Red Wings vs Canucks Recap

Red Wings start slow and it costs them. I’ll touch on the stuff that ticked us all off, but we can’t deny that we could have won with a better first period.

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White got caught on the second goal and Kronwall got caught on the first goal plus many more times after that. He didn’t stop pinching in either, so I don’t know if that was a result of a forward not covering (as was the case with White) or if he was just having the worst night of the year.

Stuart played very passive early on which resulted in goals and scoring chances for Vancouver. That’s unusual for him as he’s our most physical defenseman.

Howard kept the Wings in the game in the second period when Vancouver kept getting chances.

This isn’t even the one that we’re mad about.

I thought it was funny listening to the Vancouver fans taunt Howard whenever the Canucks had the puck in Detroit’s zone. They are one of the only fan bases in the NHL who have no right to mock goalies. I’ll admit I get tired of the “Luuuoooo” every time he makes a save. Luckily, come playoff time, we’ll only have to hear that on about 70% of the shots he faces.

The third line has been playing great. They’re getting pressure, hitting guys, creating chances and finishing. I’d say give them more minutes, but who do you take them from?

The Kronwalling: Looks like he left his feet. At full speed it was hard to tell, but slow motion showed he was an inch off the ice. Could have been called, but wasn’t. Kesler doesn’t like it, so he goes after Kronwall. Wings to the power play.

The Shorthanded Goal: Howard gets steam rolled by Hansen and has no chance to make a save on the rebound goal, but they count it. Why? I’m guessing a make up for Kronwall being an inch off the ice. Really bad decision by the officials. Still, it was probably for the best. Had that goal been waived off, Canuck fans would have burnt half the city to the ground.


Jim Howard is our enforcer. You don’t always see the goalie in the other team’s goal celebration throwing punches.

As mad as I am about that missed call, Detroit allowed the rush with lazy play. They also allowed the first three goals the same way. But, tomorrow is another day. Play a full 60 minutes against the Flames and we can go into the Christmas break on a winning note.

Next game is tomorrow against the Flames. Puck drops at 9:30 EST.