Red Wings vs Blues Recap

A rather unfortunate loss. I thought Detroit did a decent job against the Blues’ system, but not quite good enough.

More thoughts after the jump:

I know some of you are ready to get past all the talk about Ericsson sucking, but I’m not ready yet. The second goal, he needs to tie up the stick, take the body, do something! Don’t just stand there next to him. Your body heat isn’t enough to stop guys, E.

On the third goal, he has to go to the puck carrier since the only guy joining the rush is covered. Instead, he goes to the guy who is covered and it’s 3-1.

Pavel seems to have a harder time against teams that swarm him. I guess that makes perfect sense as I would have a harder time doing my job if I had 3 people sitting at my desk while I was trying to work.

The ice must have been terrible out there since the puck was bouncing all over the place. That’s always going to favor no-talent teams like the Blues and make skilled players like Datsyuk and Zetterberg grind it out a bit more than they’d prefer.

Hudler almost scored a goal by shooting the puck which was nice to see. Then he did score a goal by going to the net.

Franzen is playing well right now.

Bert was hitting guys quite a bit tonight. That’s a good thing. He hasn’t scored since he scored the team’s first goal of the year, so he needs to at least start hitting guys more.

Even if Howard had gotten a penalty for going after the guy who ran him, I’m glad to see him do it. He could have been like Elliot and flopped like he had been shot, but he’s a man, unlike Elliot, so he attacked. Integrity matters to me. I hate it when people embellish hits and dive when they feel a stick in their skates. I want those people to fail in life and be miserable. I never liked it when Osgood did it either, for that matter, though he rarely got any help from the refs.

So far this year, the Red Wings win and lose in streaks.

Next game is Thursday against the Coyotes.