Red Wings vs Blackhawks Recap 12.30.11

Typical game between Detroit and Chicago. Close game with lots of BS.

Jump for BS:

That penalty shot was BS.

5 power plays for Chicago. 1 for the good guys.


I guess I should feel grateful considering that was the first one in Chicago since October 2010 when Chicago hung up their Stanley Cup banner.

No bias, though. None.

Now that all of that is out of the way:

The rookie line was decent. They had some good chances, especially Nyquist, and did a great job on the first period icing.

Bert doesn’t fight very well. I think he can throw a punch well enough, but he has no balance. Pinning the sack of garbage that he was punching up against the glass seemed to help.

Lidstrom had one of the worst periods I’ve ever seen him play. He was good in the final 40 minutes, though. He’s still the best.

Nice to see Commodore get a point. Ericsson looked like he was going to plant a big sloppy kiss on him, but Commie said ‘No.’

Franzen is not shooting well right now. He’s missing the net a lot and usually by a lot. Anyone know if he’s trying a new stick or curve?

That’s all I can stomach right now. Detroit is better than Chicago and I think that’s clear. At least in the eyes of this biased blogger. Need to win by 3 in order to win by 1, though.

NOHS Three Stars:

First Star: Abby. The goal was cool, but he also had other chances and was driving the net every chance he got.

Second Star: Entire rookie line. Chicago didn’t take advantage of their inexperience and put up some good chances of their own.

Third Star: Commie. For getting the point and not letting Ericsson kiss him.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Night: When Detroit went on the power play. It gave me hope that this game would be called fair. That hope was quickly dashed, but it felt nice for a second or two.

Next game is tomorrow against the Blues. Puck drops at 2300 zulu. That’s 7:00 EST for your non-military types.