Red Wings vs Avalanche Recap

Detroit had a great start, but a slow finish. A few of the guys had off-nights and the result was a loss to a lesser opponent.

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Conklin was not bad. He wasn’t epic, but he played well enough to win the game if he had some help. Position-wise, the shorty was not his fault. He did, however, give away the puck and the Wings never did recover from that. Still, he played well enough to win, but the shots didn’t go the Red Wings’ way.

Hudler needs to shoot more. Even when he has the puck in the slot, he looks to pass. He has a great shot, but needs to use it.

Kronwall and White both seemed off tonight. Maybe they just didn’t have their heads in the game. It happens.

Conner has some speed. I’d like to see him play some more minutes, but he’ll probably get sent back to Grand Rapids in favor of Emmerton.

I’d like to see Bertuzzi sit out the Colorado games. He knows he’s going to be booed and tries to get rid of the puck as soon as he gets it. Whether that means just tipping it into the zone, a one-touch pass to no one, or a a one-timer from the neutral zone. It clearly bothers him. Can’t say I blame him, but it does affect his game.

Good news!

Datsyuk is still the best. His assist on Franzen’s goal was a thing of beauty.

Val got cut on his leg and is listed as day to day.

St. Louis on Tuesday.