Red Wings Prospect Update 12-19-11

Time for another quick look into how some of the Red Wings’ top prospects are doing. This will be a feature that I’ll try to do monthly-ish.

So how are they doing? Survey says:

Skaters are doing well, but the goalies are still struggling. Here’s a link to the last update if you’d like to compare.


Noteworthy notes worth noting:

Brendan Smith: We saw what he’s capable of when he played his 3 games with Detroit, so there’s not much to add here other than his 41 PiM are a bit high. I’m fine with players taking a fighting major or two if someone runs the goalie and getting called for cheap hooks and holds will happen, but he can’t make a habit of it. Just something to work on.

Gustav Nyquist: His stats have almost exactly doubled since the last update. That’s consistency and that’s good.

Tomas Tatar: He’s getting a lot more assists, but not lighting the lamp a ton right now. I’d like to see him score 30 before he makes the jump to the NHL.

Tomas Jurco: He has improved statistically every season and is easily having his best start yet. Good to see. He wasn’t a 7th round steal like Pavel or Hank, but Jurco certainly should not have been available in the second round. Very good pick for us.

Marek Tvrdon: Our other Slovakian draft pick is also having a good start. Not quite as good as Jurco’s but certainly good. I’m thinking that a Tvardon, Sheahan, Jurco line would be nice in about 5 years. But hey, our team is old and has no future…

I trust my team’s future to Doctor Holland. You should, too.

Riley Sheahan: He’s not halfway through the season and has already nearing his career highs. Keep it up.

Brian Lashoff: I added him because I had previously only listed one defenseman and wanted to show that we have others in the system. Red Wings Central has him projected as a top 4 defenseman. A Brad Stuart type. So ignore the low offensive totals. he’s not going to score a lot. Instead, notice that this defensive defenseman only has 15 PiM. That’s good. Unfortunately, he’s -11, but that’s on a 12th place Griffins team with shoddy goaltending.


Joey MacDonald is no prospect. I know this. But he’s also barely good enough to make it on an NHL roster part time. So he’s the measuring stick I’m using for the prospects. As you can see, even without the measuring stick, these guys have some work ahead of them.

I also feel that I should point out that I’m not able to see some of these games. I do when I can, but most of my reporting here box score journalism, so I try not to say that so-and-so is playing great and what’s-his-name sucks because I really don’t know for sure.

Of these prospects, who are you most excited about? Who did I miss?

Update: Saw this article about 5 of our prospects playing in the WJC right after I posted this. Figured I’d add a link to it since it’s related.