Red Wings [Many] – Kings [Few]

Well I’m back from my tour of the slightly northern yet still southwestern mining towns.  And I barely survived.  Back in the place that’s as barren, bleak, bland and wide open as anywhere else in the world.  The place that I love, for no great reason.  It’s good to be back, but I missed Saturday’s game (and usual weekend posting, my apologies) due to the immense amount of extracurriculars I’ve been involved in, being topped off with a blackout (typical me).

So I figured, being that it’s a West Coast road trip, I’d use my bad habit of staying up late to recap the game for all the Wings’ fans not able to stay up past midnight to watch their team play a bunch of snotty Communist-territory-based expansion teams.

We also seem to be pretty good in games I’m recapping in LB fashion, something like 14-0-0.  Or was it 13-0-0?  Whatever, let’s do this:

Already angry that I have the usual FSD feed blacked out because the NHL wants me to watch it on the NHL Network.  Great, I hate intermission reports anyway.  John Keating reminds me of the older neighbor I had growing up who used to ask us to use his in-house workout room.
Kings Feed.  S***!
It’s a whole lot easier for these foreign (non-Detroit) ‘tators to refer to Justin Abdelkader as The Red Wings, as in:  “And now the puck is carried in by…the Red Wings.”
Great start by the Wings, only down 1-0 after the first 5 minutes.  PP goal on a strange set of events.  Somewhere, someone is blaming the first goal against on Jonathan Ericsson.
Drew Miller gets a softy from Quick as he fires one from the corner and catches Quick cheating.
Jiri Hudler with a shot that’s actually a pass (surprise!) and Cleary deflects it from about 15’ out.  Beauty.  And just like that it’s 2-1 Wings.
Thank the 3-1 Wings lead to Mike Modano’s speed.  Really came in flying and the Kings couldn’t recover, great work and glad to have him back.

So Franzen’s out, wife just had their baby.  Salei recently was out, same reason.  Anytime I hear of a minute baby boom, I always ask myself “Well what was going on 9 months ago?”  9 months ago was the end of May, so definitely some off-season re-acquainting.  Way to go, gang!
Great pressure by Detroit’s PK unit after Huds runs interference on Kopitar (and Eddie Olzyck will tell you, that never gets called against us).
Jakub Kindl has been very inconsistent this year, but this game he seems strong.  Making quick decisions, short passes and isn’t panicking.
Just noticed Pavel taking faceoffs.  Not his usual dominant self, but still a good sign.
For the most part, the Wings play lackadaisical and uninspired for the first half of the second.  A few grinding, speedy, hard working shifts helps right the ship, though.
Datsyuk wins a defensive zone faceoff late in the period, then picks up the puck later in the neutral zone on the rush, dekes one, dekes another and draws a hook.  On the PP he finishes his Epic Greatness with a wicked wrister beating Quick’s glove high.  Adding injury to insult, he then blows a ferocious Datsyukian snot rocket into a Kings’ Ice Girl’s hair extensions.  4-1 Wings.  1-0 Snot Rockets.

Ridiculous start as Hudler gets called for a hook the moment the puck hits the ice.  Jim Howard says “no problem” and absolutely stones the LA Kings’ PP units.  Darren Helm feeds off of Howard’s aura, bounces one off the boards and goes around the point-man and scores us a shorty.  5-1 Wings.
The next few minutes are what Wings fans commonly associate with Skate.  To.  Throat.
This is followed by yet another Drew Miller goal, a typical 4th liner goal.  Bounce, peeng-pang-bong-dink and it’s in, Pinball fashion.
Later on, the Kings’ colour analyst accuses Detroit of “sending a message”, then diving (with a 6-1 lead?  Get real) and of course, sending a message once again with a 7-1 lead.  Idjuts.

Kings came into this game 13-1-1 in their last 15 games and the Red Wings were more than happy to put them in their place, sans a couple stars (Ozzie, Raf and the Johan).  My record improves to 21-0-0 when I LB the games for NOHS.  Not too shabby.

Great win.  Oh, and the last ‘Yoats game I was in attendance for was against the Kings.  Seats were just across the aisle from the Kings’ Ice Girls.  They are pictured below.  They were actually very sweet and one of them even knew what icing was.