Red Wings Fans at War

All fan bases argue amongst themselves when it comes to which players suck and who needs to be fired, traded, waived or water boarded. But Detroit fans are a special breed. Name another group of fans that had multiple season of 50+ wins yet wanted the coach fired. Who else can chant “Todd Ber-Tuzzi” one game, then want him waived the next? We can! And it’s not just season. This has been going on for years and years. Some of it is justified, but a lot of it is just insanity. I actually saw someone suggest we trade Franzen and that he wished we had chosen Hossa instead of him. Sorry, but I’ll take a playoff scoring machine over a playoff choke artist any day.

Anyways, I did a quick search on the internet and found quite a few instances of Wing fan on Wing fan violence over the years. Here’s some of them:


A group or Red Wings fans recently made replicas of the Monitor and Merrimack and literally went to war over whether to trade Bert or Hudler. The battle waged for months until Hudler was sat for one game. This gave the two ships a chance to reload so the battle can continue. There is no end in sight for this one.


A lot of people think Rocky IV was about Capitalism vs Communism or Good vs Evil or something like that. Wrong. The original script had them fighting to the death over Mike Babcock.


This photo was taken by a Red Wings fan moments before being mauled to death by his own pets. At the time the photo was taken, the man was on the phone talking Wings’ hockey with a friend. I have the transcripts of that call:

Friend: If you could go back to the 90’s and change one thing about the Wings, what would it be?

Photographer: Honestly, I’d make that Yzerman/Yashin trade happen.

(growling sound)

Photographer: No, no! Bad dogs! AAAAhhhh!!!

Like I said, some outrage is justified.


Two years ago, a lot of fans turned on Osgood. Some couldn’t get past his terrible numbers and others were determined to remember him for past championships. This photo was taken moments after Osgood got scored on from center ice.

But we do get along sometimes:

People need to relax. Kiss a stranger, for goodness sakes! Okay, don’t do that. That would be sexual harassment now. We’re just a win away from forgetting all of this.

28 hours left until Defiance.