Realignment Reaction from CHI – “Wah Wah Wah”

So the realignment of the NHL is (somewhat) old news.  Four conferences – 16 teams in the West, 14 in the East…giving new meaning to the term “Leastern Conference”.  Everyone has their reservations about this (except for most East Coast teams)…but according to ESPN, our Little Brother in Chicago is none too happy.

Which makes me feel better about it.

Want to hear them wine about it?  Make the jump…it might make you feel better.

“I don’t know how fair 16 teams in one conference and 14 in the other is.” –Andrew Brunette.  Ending a sentence with a preposition?  For shame!  I know…I forgot he was on their team this year too.  He went on to uncover the real scare that has the Blackhawks shaking in their little moccasins:

“The hard part is one division is extremely strong and teams missing the playoffs could be getting 100 points or something and missing the playoffs.” –Andrew Brunette

When he says “teams missing the play-offs” he means “WE might miss the play-offs even if we get 100 points or something”.  Chicago is looking at Detroit, Dallas, Nashville, and the new and improved St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild…and seeing some pretty stiff competition for making the play-offs.

ESPN stated that they also lamented losing games against rival Vancouver…which makes sense, because Chicago owns the Canucks in regular season play…so why wouldn’t they be angry about not getting to play them more often?  But of course, they call it “softening the rivalry” or some crap.

“Whatever we lose with them we’ll gain with Minnesota or St. Louis or Dallas.  Get Detroit going again.” –Patrick Sharp

Get Detroit going again?  I’m confused, Patrick.  Are you saying that some Blackhawks fans (many of whom believe the NHL was founded in 2009) are still buying into the Detroit-Chicago rivalry?  Or perhaps you’re saying since you’ve had to trade players, lose others to Free Agency, and bury others in Switzerland – that the players on the team don’t quite get it yet?

Whatever the case…Chicago is none too happy about this realignment.  Whether it’s losing easy points against Vancouver or missing the play-offs because four teams in your Conference are better…the alignment has them squirming in their seats.

And I dig that.