Rafalski Should Be An All-Star

Providing that you don’t get suspended by little Gary for being selected, it is sort of an honor for many players to be able to play in the all-star game.  

Datsyuk was a lock before the injury, so who else deserves it? 

Zetterberg and Lidstrom are clear locks. Howard has played his way out of an all-star position, which is a shame but true.  But you know who also deserves consideration? Our team accountant – Brian Rafalski. 

Sure, he missed the first month or so.  Sure he’s prone to some poor defensive plays.  But had he not missed those games, he’d be on pace for 76 points, a clear career year.  Even with the injury, he’s on pace for 68 points, 7 more than his previous best.   

In addition, look at the league leaders in points per game.  Notice the top two in the league?  

Every other year, you could have said Rafalski was simply the beneficiary of Lidstrom’s strong play.  Yet this year, they’ve barley played together.  

In addition, he’s a solid +12 on the year, which didn’t include the Wings strong start. He’s been playing better and better every game.

Raffy is commonly referred to as a overpaid player on the Wings.  Compared to other players, that might be slightly true.  But at the same time, I also think he might be the most under appreciated.  

It’s unfortunate for Raffy; he’s an All-Star playing next to a legend.  But that shouldn’t keep him from getting some recognition for his strong play.