“Remember, No Slacking.”

Nightmare on Helm Street presents:

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All of our playoff losses are based on bad luck.

For years, West Coast teams have made the NHL a battlefield.

The corrupt still make calls, while our favorite team spills its own blood.


But luck cuts both ways.
“Franzen had a natural hat trick in a 3:26 span of the first period…”

The more good luck, the more likely people will rally behind their team.
“The Wings were still buzzing over how loud Joe Louis Arena got…”

The belief builds. And no matter what happens from year to year, the desire for victory spreads like a wild fire.
“… Detroit returns a contender once again.”

Our enemies believe that they alone are worthy of the Cup.
“We’re focused on winning the Stanley Cup…”

But to stop them, all it takes is the will of a single man.

Shamelessly stolen from MW3.

10:30 puck drop.