“Maybe I Don’t Drink That Much”

datsyuksmileThat was Pavel’s explanation for why he hasn’t been smiling lately, according to Khan(!).

Nice to see Pav hasn’t lost his quirky sense of humor…but we all know the real reason…it’s the same one that’s been giving us heartburn for nearly the first quarter of this season.  Datsyuk and Zetterberg had combined for a total of five goals heading into last night’s game.  Now that total is up to seven – thanks to a two goal effort by #13.

And Dangle Dangle was fist pumping (not like those jersey shore morons) and smiling last night…to the delight of fans and teammates alike.

“It was fun see Pav score and see Pav smile.  He’s been working his butt off. When you’re a scorer and it doesn’t go in it’s a little frustrating. That’s a good sign for us.” –Todd Bertuzzi


A good sign for some consistency?  The first 18 games have been a pretty steep roller coaster…going from one extreme (five game winning streak) to the other (five game losing streak).  A hockey season…much like a single game…can be defined by controlling the highs and lows.  You never want to get too jacked up in a game when you’re scoring at will, and you never want to get too down when the other team puts the puck in your net.  The same can be said for chunks of games.  You don’t want to get complacent when your team is riding a winning streak and you can’t get too desperate when you’re in the midst of a slump.  Hopefully, head coach Mike Babcock can reign in this team can get us more on an even keel.

But in the meantime, let’s stay focused on the positives…like Datsyuk’s performance last night.

“He seems to be skating, working real hard.  It’s good to see it pay off. When he’s going, we’re going very well.  You get some confidence and all the sudden you got a lot more time with the puck, you’re making better decisions.” –Danny Cleary

Hopefully, Datsyuk has awakened for good.  Next on the list…#40.

NOHS newbie, Jordan’s faith in Zetterberg’s claim to Lidstrom’s throne is waivering.  I can’t say that the thought ever crossed my mind until I read that this morning.  It’s an interesting notion…but I reserve my judgement at this point in time.

With Franzen and Lidstrom leading the way – if we can get and keep the Euro Twins rolling along…this team will be just fine.

Oh and one last thought…I still hate the Ducks.