Post Game Thoughts vs the Wild

The Wings deserved better. The Wild deserved less.

Howard was awesome.

Referee Dave Jackson wears #8. I wear #8. To see a guy be such a tool with my number on his back just makes me want to need a new TV on Black Friday. But I’m good. I’m good.

The Red Wings played some great defense and their PK was awesome. We deserved better that this.

On that note, games like this are a bit easier to take when you’re not on a 4 game losing streak. Our desperate need for a win made it worse.

I really wish the crowd had made the refs afraid. Not like they would be afraid of getting physically hurt, but think about Ford Field when it’s at its loudest. The Joe could have easily gotten the Wings a PP or two or an even up call, but they just took it. Not until the very end did they let loose. Too late.

We deserved better. The Wild deserved less.

Post Game Thoughts vs the Wild

Too many guys are doing nothing. It could be that they’re hurt, but that can’t be the problem with everyone.

Hudler drove me crazy early. If you’re that open, take the shot, man! I was unaware that he had no shots in the previous 3 games. Usually that’s a result of not getting chances to shoot, but that wasn’t the case with Hudler. Shoot the puck, or get off the ice.

Remember that sad commercial from a while back where the lady stands in her driveway crying and pleading with her husband to stop gambling away all their money and when the camera swings behind her, there’s no one there? That was me last night every time Bert took his hand off his stick to do something illegal. The calls were cheap, but the rule is clearly defined. Sometimes they don’t call it, but a lof of times they do. “Please, Bert! We can’t afford this! We need to score a goal and we can’t do that shorthanded! Please, just stop!” *sob *camera moves behind Twig to reveal he’s talking to a TV that has been off for hours.

Pavel is still the best player in the NHL, but he seems slightly off. No idea why, because he’s still owning people, just not finishing.

Howard is playing extremely well, but is not getting any offense to work with.

I really hate Heatley and his stupid gigantic visor. What is that? A 7/8 shield? I hate that guy.

Everyone keeps saying Commodore won’t play because Kindl is playing so well. What about Big Rig? He isn’t playing that well at all. While Kindl is making the right play and a handful of great plays every game, Ericsson hasn’t done anything special. Kind of like a huge Emmerton.

Stuart had his mind on other things. He certainly wasn’t focused on playing defense.

Gretzky used to say something about the opposition playing in slow motion when he was on top of his game. Dan Cleary is playing in slow motion right now. Too much coasting and losing the puck. Poor passes. Says he’s hurt. Eaves isn’t. Brunnstrom isn’t.

I don’t want to give the impression that all of these guys are now useless and need to go, but they are playing like crap and need to be given some motivation.

One last one: Franzen. Does he play hard and get rewarded with goals? Or does he only play hard when he’s getting rewarded with goals? While Pavel seems slightly off, Mule seems completely off. Sometimes he can be motivated by being benched for a couple shifts or being put down a line. Maybe he just needs a lucky bounce.