Official Jimmah Shootout Numbers

So I said earlier that Jimmah’s faced about twenty shooters in this season in the Gimmick Skills Competition and before I turn the lights out, I’d like to make a correction.

Jimmy Howard has indeed appeared in 4 shootouts, is 3-1 and has faced 14 shooters total. He’s only allowed 2 goals in all this, which is very impressive. Only Colorado (whom we went 0-6 against in Jimmah’s only shootout loss) has a better team save percentage in the shootout than we do, per

Really tough to blame Jimmah for that Colorado loss, too. We may have lost 6-5 but we went 0-6 in the shootout as Howie stood on his head.

Yesterday he was dominant, but because he’s so good at the one-on-one aspect of the game I bet he secretly blames himself for the Havlat breakaway goal (total sarcasm).

I don’t know how many breakaways we’ve given up this year, more than I’d like to admit, certainly, but young Jim Howard has been incredible on nearly all of them. None bigger, in my opinion, than the Vancouver game on the 8th of January earlier this year.