Octopi the Joe

I don’t care what you think about the Occupy Wall Street protests which are going on, this is creative.  A NOHS reader heard about the protests and immediately had an idea combining the protests and the Wings.  Click the jump for more.

Get it?   I’ll admit, I chuckled.  Reader Jimmy Doom is the creative mind behind this.  Being in a band, he knew a little about the t-shirt biz and decided to © that logo and make a few shirts celebrating the cephalopod. As he put it, “I bounced the idea off some friends of mine and they said ‘You gotta make shirts.'”  So he did. 

If your interested, he’s offering them for $20 mail order (Paypal, cash, or money order) and $15 for anyone who would prefer to pick them up in the Royal Oak/Ferndale area.  To order or questions, email Jimmy at inksplatter65@yahoo.com.

And just so everyone knows, we have absolutely no affiliation with this project nor monetary bonuses in any way, I just wanted to get out what we thought was a cool idea.

But don’t forget that we also have shirts, a few pretty cool ones too.