Nightmare on Helm Street’s First Annual Costume Contest

Morale is down and it’s easy to see. Only two things could possibly raise the spirits of the NOHS readership.

1. Red Wings start dominating again.

2. We give away free stuff.

Since we can only control the second option, that’s what we’ll do. What we want to see from you guys is your best Red Wings related costume. Dress up as any player, past or present, any coach, anyone from the front office, the trainers, Ken Kal, Mickey Redmond, Karen Newman, anyone. Bonus points for creativity. This is me from 2 years ago:

Yes, I was Chris Osgood and yes, I bowled with the catching glove on.

“But Twig, they all dress the same! Suits and ties or hockey jerseys!”

That’s true, but they all have their own personalities that only we know about. Such as Mick’s disgust for composite sticks, Murph’s addiction to cheap hot dogs and Val’s immaculate hair. Use your imagination.

“But Twig, what will we win?”

I’m glad you asked. We’re not just a hockey blog, you know. We’re also quite the one-man brewing operation. So first prize will be a six pack of my latest home brew. It’s an Imperial IPA that I’m calling “Stupid Goalie IPA.” So far, that’s it. If we get a bunch of great pictures that really deserve prizes, we’ll see if we can find more stuff to give away. Obviously you’ll need to be 21 or older to win. I suspect most of you are.

Email your entries to by next Thursday, November 3 at midnight EST

Good luck, friends!