The Next Charlie Bucket?

For those of you who still may not be familiar with the term Charlie Buckets referring to Danny Cleary – let me take this moment to point once more to A2Y Glossary of Terms:

21. Charlie Buckets This entry on 6 February really explains the Buckets phenomenon.

Dan Cleary, the boy with the golden ticket.  Wandering the streets of dreary whatevertownBucketsgrewupin, not wanting to go home because Grampa Joe wasn’t getting out of bed and yet another dinner of disgusting thick tasteless soup awaited him.  A sparkle in the gutter, a silver dollar.  That money could feed his family for a week!  Oh, the turmoil.  Tasty Wonka chocolate and a chance at a trip every child in the world was hoping for, or food on the Bucket table.  Screw it.  Grabbed it. Bought the bar. Ripped it open. Golden Ticket. Hell yes.

That’s Dan Cleary. The Wings gave him his golden ticket and he’s been a revelation ever since.

Are we seeing the Danny Cleary story part two?  Look at Patrick Eaves – another first round draft pick who has been bounced around from team to team.  The summer than Detroit picked him up, the Bruins traded for him and then immediately waived him.  But here he sits, just over halfway through his second season on Detroit, playing on the third and fourth lines, with twelve friggin’ goals – only three assists – but twelve friggin’ goals.

eavesplayerpic1“I hope I’m on track like him, but I don’t know. You can’t really think about that stuff.  Clears has been awesome with me and always giving me confidence and talking to me. We work out together. So, yeah, I want to be like him. Hopefully I can get there.” –Patrick Eaves

That quote comes from Khan(!) who notes that Eaves already has as many goals as he did all of last season heading into the game tonight against the BJ’s.  Eaves notched 22 points in 65 games last season.  Through 43 games this year – he already has 15.  Detroit seems to have a knack for being almost criminally patient with players, and sometimes with players who have been cast aside by others.  Looking like this was yet another great call by Kenny Holland.

#17 – “The Uncratchable”.

Game tonight against the BJ’s.  And for the first time in a long time, I’ll be watching Detroit play in the Eastern Time Zone.  Heading back to Michigan to play in that Winter Pond Hockey Tourney at Whitmore Lake.

Let’s do this.