New Comment System/Story Suggestions

I’m sure some of you have noticed, but we’re being forced to switch our comment system to livefyre. I’m still working out the details, but at the moment you can sign in using FB/Google/Twitter etc. for those who don’t want to set up an account.

I hate when a post only has text, so here’s the logo.  

I’m hoping to get it so you don’t have to sign in, but it doesn’t look like it has that ability.  Our leaders at Bloguin say that it is the only way for them to prevent the massive amounts of spam that’s been occuring lately.  

It’s actually a great system otherwise.  There’s no refreshing the page when you post, it is instantanious.  So check it out.  I rely on readers opinions 90% of the time when thinking of a story, so I hope to see some comments soon.  Your comments really are what power the site.  

While we are on the topic, anyone have any suggestions they’d like to see for a story?  Suggestions for the site overall?  Thoughts on the new comment system?  

And now back to your semi-regular Red Wing blather.  Go Wings!