Nash on the Move?

It’s an interesting topic, and since I don’t much follow other teams I was shocked to read about today on Okie’s GDT at A2Y.  It has happened before, a player on the ropes comes up big against the Wings (see also:  Jerome Iginla’s 2-goal game against us) and staves off any trade rumours.  Nash isn’t a guy I’d trade up if I were lived Columbus, but thank Bog, Christ, Allah, Buddah, Krishna and Pavel Valerievich I don’t.  Does anyone else have any insight on these rumours?  I hear they’re out there, but I can’t find them.

I have no idea why these rumours would even exist.  Where do you go after you chop him off the block?  I don’t know and I don’t really care, but I will be keeping a very close eye on Nash tonight.  He has a good history against the Wings and without Pavel or Stuie in the lineup, he may just get his chances.