Nabokov, Leighton, and the ZOMG OMFG STFU TIA Effect

So we have Nabokov, he is ours.  He will go on waivers today at Noon EST, which is about 4 hours ago where I live (if my calculations are correct).   We’ll know, as Ken Daniels put it, tomorrow during Red Wings pre-game coverage against Chicago whether or not he will be claimed off waivers or is still ours.  Simple, right?

But for some reason, this news has Red Wings fans running madder than rabid dogs.  Todd Bertuzzi’s exploits in Southern Arizona a couple weeks back didn’t have fans in this much of a heated frenzy.  Just what the hell is going on here?  What’s the worst part?  Which part of this makes me want to throw my flatscreen monitor Frisbee-like at the nearest baby?  This (via Chris’s summary from the 19 at A2Y):

I think the better option would be arrange for Leighton to pass through re-entry back to PHI, and acquire him instead.

And this:

The Devils claim Nabby, then turn around and trade him to DET for Jimmah.  I don’t think Jimmy can get us to the promise land. 

Really?  Okay, before I go straight Walter Miller and give up on humanity and spray my own brain matter all over my room, you tell me what “Trade”, “Jimmy”, “Nabby” and “Leighton” are doing in the same context.  This is absurd.  Leighton made it to the Finals last year as a backup, sure, but struggled mightily in his conditioning stint this year and allowed 4 goals in his only NHL appearance this season.

Alright, so allow me to back up for a second.  Some of you may be upset at having one of the most prolific regular season goaltenders of the last ten years as our third goalie for a pro-rated price of half the league minimum…for some reason.  Granted.  I get that, I do.  I don’t grok it but I get it.  You’re upset.  But to think it weakens us somehow and impacts Jimmy and our hope for him as our next franchise goalie?  Then say it opens up trade avenues to ditch Howard and even Happy?

Goodness, I haven’t said this in the few weeks that I’ve spent away from watching the T-Ocho Show, but “get real,” people.