Mule Feeds, Lidstrom Leads

The story last night was Franzen’s hattie and his ability to feed us all curly fries, but I think the bigger underlying story deals with our 41 year old cyborg captain.

Lidstrom is playing better than I can remember in recent history.  He’s currently leading the entire league in goals for defensemen and is on pace for a 32 goal season, while playing a casual 24 minutes per game doing this.  At age 41.  Jesus.  Jump it for more on TPH.

He looks quicker than he did during last year’s Norris Trophy season.  He looks smarter than anyone else on the ice.  During the Great Goal Famine of 2011, Lidstrom seemed to be the only one unaffected by the slump.  His passes were still crisp and he lead this team back to the promise land, finally breaking through scoring 2 goals against Anaheim.

There’s been a decent amount said about Lidstrom’s leadership.  He’s not as vocal as Yzerman was, and thus, doesn’t always appear to be the same quality of leader.  To that, I say bullshit.  Lidstrom leads, but through confidence, swagger, and his calming presence on the blue.  He’s unequivocally the best Captain in the league today, bar none.

Lidstrom should retire when he starts slowing down.  Luckily for us, he’s going the opposite direction.   He’s getting better by the day.  And that should scare the rest of the league…because, seriously, how much better can you get?