Make the ‘Tuzzi Chant Happen

winnijet_coyopegsSo the Yotes fans are sensitive about their fanbase…we’ve known that fact for a while and its never been more apparent then now.  They have trouble filling their rink and might be losing their team, again.  

So what do we do in times like this?  Let’s kick ’em when their down.  

Other than filling their barn with red, how else can we do this?  

Well, we take our team serial killer, a guy who is illogically hated around the league, and we embrace him.  So much so that the louder minority at arena starts to chant his name.  

Todd-Ber-tuzzi. Todd-Ber-tuzzi. Todd-Ber-tuzzi.  

Now wouldn’t that be something?  

Make it happen you transplants.  Kick ’em when their down.   

Edit: Full credit to reader Twig for the chant idea.  Amazing.  He also recommends booing Shane Doan in his own arena.  I completely agree.