Looking at the Central

So I’ve been very introverted when it comes to the NHL lately.  I know that the Wings started off hot, then couldn’t score and became a terrible team, but are back to being a great team.  So where does that put them in the whole scheme of things? Click the jump for more.

So despite having the Great Goal Famine of 2011, the Wings still find themselves within 4 points of the Central with two points in hand.  Not bad.   And while the Wings are rising, Chicago is falling.  They have the worst power play in the league at an incredible 8% and apparently miss Brian Campbell, somehow.  They are a 1.5 line team.  After that, they have nothing. Scared of them? Absolutely not.

Nashville is typical Nashville.  Right there, permanently in second place.  Nothing too great, nothing bad.  Rinne might be the best goaltender in the league and deserves every dollar he’ll be making.  But other than that?  Are you really scared of David Legwand and Craig Smith as offensive threats?  I’m certainly not, I’ve never heard of Smith until 2 minutes ago.  Apparently he played with our Smith back in Wisconsin.  That’s all I got. 

St. Louis just took Columbus’ sloppy seconds in Ken Hitchcock.   That right there makes them far from a real challenger.   They have seriously questionable goaltending (though Elliot is playing well), team chemistry issues, and a young, weak defensive core.   Plus they’re the Blues, which means they’re perennial losers.  

And Columbus.  Oh Columbus.  You made all the right moves this summer, except one.  Goaltending.  Jesus Mason is bad.  Historically bad.  Which therefore has made the Jackets historically bad.  But whenever there is tragedy, there is opportunity.   And this time, the opportunity is for me.  So dear Jackets, I’d like to let you know that I live only a few miles away.  I, uh, have the best GAA in Columbus’ men’s league.  Think about it Jackets.  While I might not do any better, I can’t do any worse.  Plus I’m cheap.  Just think about it…that’s all I’m asking.

So in conclusion, Detroit hasn’t set the world on fire so far.  But when compared to the rest of the jokers in the Central, things are looking just fine.  And I might have a job lined up.