Line-Up Finished – Yet We’re Still Throwing Out Ideas


So barring a major development, according to Ken Holland, this is the team we are going into battle with.  He’s comfortable with this lineup:

Datsyuk – Zetterberg – Homer
Bertuzzi – Filppula – Franzen
Hudler – Abby – Cleary
Miller – Helm – Eaves
Mursak – Emmerton – Draper?

Lidstrom – Kronwall
Stuart – White
Commodore – Ericsson

It’s certainly a strong line-up and a full roster as well.  Now that isn’t to say that I would have sat on it and Kenny might not either.  I think if two players come available, we should be going after them.  First is my consistent suggestion that the Rangers buy out Wojtek Wolski and the Wings pick him up.  Do it Sather.

But even more interesting is the following email I got from DetCapC19:

Noticed that Buff is like $2.4M over the cap.  What are your guys’ thoughts on Boyes? $4M cap hit, last year on his deal, RHS.  If we swapped him for Hudler (a cap savings of $1.125M for Buff), would that be something that interests you? I’d like to see a line of Franzen-Fil-Boyes go at it.

I keep hearing though that they need to trim cap space and Boyes is the most likely candidate.  However, I’m also reading that nobody wants him at his $4M cap hit.  The problem with his deal is that it only saves the Sabres $1.125M.

I agree with the man, I love this idea.  I’m one of the few, the embarrassed, the Happy Hudler fans.  I think we don’t trade him unless we can get something worth it.  But I think this trade works for both teams.  Boyes is a bit over paid right now, but cap space is something we have plenty of.  Just a few years ago he scored over 40 goals.  I don’t think he’ll even get 30 anymore, but even 25 would be great.   Buffalo gets closer to the cap limit and still gets a decent return with a player with potential for 60 points a season at a reasonable cap hit.

I think this should be a go for it if it’s available type of move.